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Easy Grip® Implants

Morfologia Conica

Microsolchi corticali • Filettatura triangolare conica • Connessione screw con esagono interno smussato

Morfologia Cilindrica

Microsolchi corticali • Filettatura cilindrica a doppio principio, autofilettante • Doppio tipo di connessione (screw o monoblock)

Morfologia Anatomica

Microsolchi corticali Filettatura cilindrico-conica autofilettante Connessione screw ad esagono interno smussato

Easy system ever. For the whole line, single connection in Platform Switching.

Different prosthetic solutions can be created with a single standard connection, which can be applied to all implants in the Easy Grip® line, with platform switching


• Single connection for all implant diameters • Platform switching method


• Reinforced neck • Electrolytic treatment • Conical internal support • Internal hexagon with bevelled corners


• Friction-fit connection • Tolerance within 5 μm • No bending and settling

T.F.I. System srl

Company with thirty years of experience in implantology field

T.F.I. System designs, develops, and manufactures dental implants and related surgical accessories both on its own account and on behalf of third parties. T.F.I. System is the owner of the Easy Grip® trademark.

From the outset, the company has tried to provide a product with a high quality/price ratio, trying to simplify surgical procedures as much as possible, sometimes so complicated as to be considered a brake on the expansion of implantology itself.


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Surface Treatments

The exclusive OsteoGrip® surface
featured by the Easy Grip® implant line, is the result of specific surface treatments such as Sandblasting, Etching, Anodic Colouring and Plasma Glow Discharge, specifically designed to support rapid bone regeneration.
SLA (Sanding and Acid Etching)
Following the excellent results, confirmed by the clinical literature, of the two subtractive sanding and acid etching techniques, it was decided to join the benefits in a single treatment, in order to achieve an SLA surface (Sandblasted with Long grit corundum followed by Acid etching with Sulfuric and Hydrochloric acid). This was introduced in 1998 and is one of the most documented rough surfaces in dental implantology.
Acid based with hydrofluoric acid for better osteointegration, to achieve optimal microtexture.